Innovative packaging concept

CefaTray has been developed based on the idea behind the milk carton – in other words, it is completely sealed. A fiber packaging trough intended for foodstuffs. Wether they are dry, oily or moist. 

From short- traveled, environmentally friendly raw materials – to printed fiber packaging for food. 

What is CefaTray?

Similar to CefaPac, which replaces plastic peg packaging and other material combinations, CefaTray will be able to replace much of today’s tray packaging (bowls) for food, both dry and fatty foodstuffs. 

As raw material, we only use cardboard qualities based on clean, ne fiber from Nordic forests. This forest industry is among the world’s most sustainable companies and it is from here that we get our clean and strong material for the production of CefaTray. 

The market is increasingly demanding materials from renewable sources, and the development of cardboard as a packaging material had been the subject of enormous development in recent years, not least in terms of strength and flexibility. 

New fiber- based (virgin) cardboard material is a necessary and first class “raw material” for the recycling industry, which will use the fibers for new packaging. Without this supply of virgin material, the recycling og general consumer packaging will grind to a halt. 

Depending on the type of food to be packaged, we will adapt the CefaTray material to the product in question. 


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Eirik Faukland


Christin M. Faukland-Martinsen