Easy open - easy recycling

Our award winning carton solutions are developed as a one piece packaging, in mono material that is leak proof and easy to open. Enabling the industry to abandon plastics, and helping the consumer handle the packaging from store to bin.


What is CefaPac?

Blisterpack, or peg packaging, is one of the world’s most used packaging concepts. 
Traditionally, this type of packaging has consisted of plastic or a combination of plastic and cardboard. 

When we developed CefaPac, it was based on two main points, sustainability and EasyOpen. Therefore, CefaPac products consist entirely of cardboard material, either glued or welded. 
You can choose between two types of cardboard: New fiber or recycled. 
These types of material must be able to cover the need for all kinds of products, recycled for lighter and smaller products and virgin fiber for heavier, and perhaps slightly more exclusive products. 

We adapt everything from A to Z!

Your peg packaging concept should work as intended, have good profiling power, EasyOpen and sustainability.
The packaging optimiztion in practice, as the CefaPac concept consists of monomaterials and is designed for recycling!

In the CefaPac concept, there are packaging machines for both small and large series. From the simplest manual/ semiautomatic to larger automatic machines designed for millions of runs. Every machine is adapted to the desired product or product series, precisely to not oversize anything. There is an option for both glued and welded packaging. New packaging solutions are continuously being developed. 

We also optimize existing packaging concepts into sustainable solutions in 100% cardboard. 

Cases with CefaPac


“Skjeggkrefellen” is a norwegian- developed special bait increases catch up to 300%, tested by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and pest control. The bait is packed in our CefaPac solution.

Finger Bob

Norgesplaster finger Bob M6 is a multicolored and selfadhesive tube bandage in cotton for small and medium- sizes wounds. The packaging hangs visibly in stores and provides good profiling visibility of the brand and product. The entire packaging is easily sorted. 


The Swix Glide & Edge kit is a basic set with exactly what you need for a day on the slopes. The kit is packed in our CefaPac solution and gived both producer and consumer simple logistics, broad profiling in the store as the box can stand on the counter and hang on a peg, in addition to having a easy opening. 

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